About Us


The Children of God Community School (CGCS) is a primary education institution based in Accra, Ghana’s capital. It was founded in 2004 by Mr. Kofi Adaletey, Mr. Cudjoe Adaletey, and Mr. Solomon Abdaramah. The school effectively prepares students for the entrance to Junior High School (JHS) in Ghana by teaching the Ghanaian public school standard curriculum for primary schools. Currently six teachers instruct 58 children from impoverished families from Kindergarten through primary grade six. Since its inception in 2004, 40 students have successfully graduated from CGCS and gained the opportunity to enter JHS thanks to the predominantly charitable teaching provided by the school in accordance with the school tenet: “Leave no child behind”.

School Impressions

Here you can see some school impressions from 2013. Since then we have made quite some progress, by providing electricity to all the class rooms, building a garden and a proper entrance area in front of the school, arranging proper waste disposal, distributing promotion of the school around the city, and much more.

The Team

CGCS team

From left to right:

Mr. Hammond Manu – Administrative Support

Mr. Cudjoe Adaletey – Headmaster

Mr. Kofi Adaletey – Headmaster

Mr. Christoph Seiler – Chief Financial Officer