Children of God Community School is offering much of its teaching, lunch meals for students, teaching facilities, health care, and teaching equipment for free to its students from impoverished backgrounds. This incurs substantial operating costs for us. Every month we struggle anew to cover these expenses. There are many ways how you could support us in providing a future to our students:


If you have friends who come to visit Accra, please spread the word about Children of God Community School – either by word of mouth or Facebook. We are always happy to meet new friends that we can learn from and that we can share the Ghanaian hospitality with.

Become a volunteer

You can become a volunteer at our school. We need teachers nearly all year round and especially an international perspective is often very valuable for the students. We have had many volunteers already in the past. Many of them have been exchange students at the University of Ghana which is situated only a few kilometers away from our school. We can provide a certificate for you upon completion of your volunteering activities if that can be of help for you.


Donations may include either school supplies or money. Money is crucial so that we can continue to cover our operating costs. Also there are many projects which we still need to undertake for the school: We want to buy more and better supplies for the students. Improved IT equipment would help students to receive a more hands-on education in IT-related matters. In the long run, we aim to buy the plot of land where we have built the school.